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A win for Purdue University students.

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

14 April 2020.

After three years of perseverance, in early February of 2020, Purdue University student advocates successfully pushed for the implementation of an initiative to supply all of the university campus' bathrooms with free feminine hygiene products. With the support of University President Mitch Daniels, plans of implementation are already underway. Many students played integral roles in attaining this success. Two students' initiatives were particularly highlighted. A junior at Purdue, Alison Rickert founded a program called The Period Project that works towards donating menstrual products to those in need, such as local shelters, both in and off of campus. Her efforts emphasized the importance of such ventures and their impacts. Additionally, Tulika Wagle, now graduate, former member of the Purdue Student Government, obtained 561 signatures for an online petition that she created on Her petition stated that: “Menstrual care products are not luxury goods, because menstrual care needs are not a choice. ... Menstrual care products are just as necessary and should be just as free as the toilet paper, seat covers, soap and napkins in bathrooms”. This petition reaffirmed the fact that menstrual care products are fundamental essentials for women. Through rallying hundreds, Wagle effectively demonstrated the need for the implementation of this solution. These strong, female advocates allowed for positive change to occur in their community, strengthening this cause. If a major university can implement plans to provide free menstrual hygiene products in all of their bathrooms, then what is stopping others from following in suit?


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